Midway Print - Cardboard Display
Midway Print - Dump Bin

Cardboard Displays

Midway Print creates High Impact Zone (HIZ) displays, custom designed to fit any product.

Versatile options for retails displays, expos and exhibitions.

Our cardboard displays are suppied flat packed for cost effective shipping direct to retail stores and outlets.

In addition, these can be kit packed with complete printed campaigns and sent direct to store with display stock from our warehouse.

Cardboard Dump Bins

Dump bins or bin wraps are a great way to maximise advertising space from all directions.  

These can also be used as self-standing point of sale displays for retails stores, in particular for promotions, clearance items and bulk buys.

The perfect addition for both short and long term displays.

Midway Print - Corflute Signage

Corflute Signs

Corflute signage is a lightweight, cost-effective option for producing small or large quantities of indoor and outdoor event signage, building signage, retail display signage and much more.

Midway Print offers a fast turnaround time and custom designed corflute signs in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Just let us know what you need. 

Midway Print - Counter Signage

Counter Cards

Counter cards can be used creatively make a difference at the point of purchase for any business.

Midway Print has worked with customers all over Australia to develop counter signs for hotels, restaurants and retail stores with cards, table tents, inserts, shelf talkers and lots more.

The possibilities are endless. 

Midway Print - Custom Labels

Custom Labels

Midway Print creates custom designed labels for all industries.

We have access to a range of quality materials to suit every need – from bumper stickets, pallet labels, security labels, and any product in the FMCG industry.

Midway Print has all your labels needs covered.

Midway Print - Counter Mat

Counter Mats

Customise messaging with counter mats.

These are a great little marketing tool to provide product information, promotional messages, special promotions and so much more.

Get the word out with Midway Print’s durable and customised counter mats. 

Midway Print - Decals

Decals Floor & Window

Don’t waste valuable advertising space!

Discover the effectiveness of custom floor and wall decals for promotions, sales and special messaging.

Midway Print can custom design and create decals for any surface, in any size.

Our wall and floor decals are durable, water resistant and anti-slip.

Whether your decals are needed for a short or long term promotion, we’ve got your walls and floors covered!

Midway Print - Shelf Talkers

Shelf Talkers

Shelf talkers help your brand stand out.

These attention grabbing marketing tools are idea for point of sale and promotions.

Midway Print can create shelt talkers in a variety of sizes, with quality materials that can easily slide into shelf stripping in retail environments. 

Midway Print - Standee


Standees are the ideal option for point of sale promotions and campaigns.

They are generally self-standing and can be created in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your specific promotion.

We are also able to create custom shapes in any format, colour and size.

These are a lightweight option that has a cardboard or coreflute strut to the rear for shelf, counter or floor placements. 

Midway Print - Wobbler


Help your brand stand out and grab consumers attention with wobblers.

These are a great little marketing tool for point of sale, specials, call outs and specific promotions.

Midway Print can create custom shapes and sizes for your next marketing campaign.